About Rogue

One night in mid-2014 I woke up from a dream in which I was, curiously, weaving upon a fairly large loom. As a person with very limited prior interest in fiber art, I owned nary a skein of yarn or hank of string and instead fashioned together what can only be described as a bizarre placemat, comprised of torn clothing, wrapping ribbon, costume jewelry, tissue paper and more. My loom was a giant gold picture frame wrapped in twine. I was almost immediately hooked.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m a now single mom of two young daughters working out of a studio that is also the playroom.  My style is heavily textural and typically involves tons of imported Turkish cotton string and handspun art yarns from small, independent female fiber artists around the world. While I am not currently offering commissioned work, I am always open to suggestions! I’m very active on Instagram and in the online fiber community and I speak openly on topics such as divorce, mental health, healing from trauma, single parenting, sobriety and all sorts of other shit that has little to nothing to do with weaving. I’d love to connect with you there!